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My father, who is now 78 and still actively fly fishes for trout, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass in Northeastern Pennsylvania, taught me how to fly fish when I was 5 years old. He also taught me how to wrap new guides on a rod because back in the early and mid 1960's only the best rods were using chrome plated snakes and tips of fly rods so they would wear out through grooving every few years and need to be replaced.

I'm simply passing on to my kids the simple pleasures of fishing with a fly, tying flies, and building rods. As my father told me growing up (I have since said the same thing to my two boys and daughter, who is no grown with kids of her own), "Teach your kids to enjoy the outdoors and the pursuit of fly fishing and its various arts and skills, and they will never take the earth's resources for granted. And they will also have a lifetime to pursue this sport that always provides wonderment and awe of nature."

My daughter quit fishing at age 12 because it wasn't cool for girls to fly fish has been recently talking about maybe having Nora and I teach her son Ezra (age 2 1/2) how to fly fish when he is about 5. She then went into a reverie about how she used to fly fish when she was a kid.
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