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Well, we bought a Cabela's 'float tuber'. Told them on the phone we'd like to try both that and the 'one handed Spey rod'. They were nice enough to send us both with a postage-paid return box so we could return one or both rods we didn't like for the cost of one-way shipping.
So the rod may not stack up to an XP or Horizon, but we like it, know that Marco can handle it, and plain old got tired of tracking down an XP or Horizon (10' 5 - 6 wt) that we could cast.
If I were a high-end rod manufacturer, I'd be worried stiff about the lack of rods in dealers' stock. I know they lost this sale because of it, and I'm sure I'm not the onoy one out there.

I guess we basically have to go to a show, to a factory, or find a friend to test-cast a high-end rod these days. Sure doesn't seem like a good business model to me.
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