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RE:ISP Question

Yes the extra phone line is $15-20 per mo. A good ISP is about the same. So $30 to $40 a month. But I was gonna hold off on the extra line and just turn on the cell phone. There is some overlap there in service. Why have an extra phone line while your cell sits quiet? That's if you can tolerate giving your cell # as an alternative.

As for the $$$ aspect we're looking at building an addition to the house and until I'm comfy squeezing into the big increase in monthly payments I'm leary of taking on a Mediaone rate of $50/mo. ($600 per year) . And since they are a monopoly they can go to $59.00/mo. anytime they want. I don't like it. So a solid 56K should do. And it helps to have other means available to download larger files to zip disks, like work for some people. I mean how often do you need to download a 16MB Netscape upgrade?

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