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passing on rod building to my kids

I found a great deal on first quality IM-6 blanks at far below wholesale so I picked up two 9 ft. 5 weights for my sons, ages 11 1/2 and nearly 16. This past weekend I started teaching them how to build a rod from a blank and have both of them now building their first rods.

The 11 1/2 year old things it is very cool that he can make his own rod with the thread color of his choice. He did all the handle work himself with me simply watching and offering guidance. He measured the guide spacing this evening and has half the guides taped in placed. He wants to have his rod finished so he can go fishing with it and show it off to his friends. Tomorrow he will be taught how to make guide wraps and start wrapping the rod.

The nearly 16 year old has his reel seat and grip on, has the guides measures and taped in place, and started to wrap the butt section.

My 11 1/2 year old chose teal thread for his, and the nearly 16 year old chose fire engine red thread for his. They both want me to write the rod length and line size in thread along with their names like I have done on some of my own rods. The younger one says that way it makes for a special rod of his own that nobody else has like it.

The only problem with teaching them how to do this is the younger one is already talking about getting a heavier line blank so he can have a "bass rod" too. Thankfully, he is not asking for top quality nickle silver reel seats, yet. Although he did ask about a T&T 2-hander blank's price so he can make one of them for himself. I'm creating a monster, but I love it.
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