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Salmon or Steelhead doesnt matter, caught fresh and silver HATCHERY fish. pull your drift boat over to the nearest sand bar whip out the bbq make shure the coals are to there hotest point , while waiting for the grill to come up to heat, cut fish into 3/4" to 1" steaks prepare fresh garlic speers by cutting them in 4ths push garlic in the bright orange, steaks, put steaks on the grill , reach into the cooler grab a fine ale such as henerys blackberry Wheat or henerys northwest trail to prepare the pallet, while waiting for steak to turn from the bright orange to the salmon pink color about 1/8" up the cooked side. once obtained turn the steak and apply a good honey dejion mustard bbq sauce. Keeping a good eye on the cooking side, cleanse the pallet agian, when cooking depth is correct, flip agian, careful to keep the grill lines in tact, smother with the mustard sauce and cover. check in between pallet clensings, flip to cook both sides evenly, cook until flakey but moist, remove garlic, mence and sprinkle over the top of your glazed steak, by this time you need another fine ale, sit on your favorite rock take in the river and reminisce about old friends, standout fish, and the good life in general..............Feed your self to the point that you are totaly satisfied,and the rest our your drift consist of leaning back in your seats, continueing conversations that started on the river bar, not touching your rods for the rest of the evening, taking your time to get to the pull out , making shure, you dont dare miss the evening orange hues that are casted lenght wise up the last tail out..............Boys it doesnt get any better then this......Nate
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