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RE:Bleak Picture for the Salmon of the World

Thanks for the overview of the documentry. So many times out here in the Pacific NW people think that aquaculture is the lesser of two evils,the other evil being comercial gill netting. I'm not so sure in the long run though, at least with gill netting somehow some fish get through but with Sea Lice and disease those few fish will have no chance while we fight to correct the problems of over fishing. Our fight to save wild fish world wide must take on many fronts, from habitat, development to over fishing and now aquaculture. It's a big battle and it's going to be a long one. It is my hope that world wide people of all cultures and back grounds can find a way to unite,(WTO) and fight against the plain and simple greed that causes the complex problems we now have in our enviroment.
I will give the tape to the Wild Steelhead Coalition to view and then pass it on to any that would like to see it.
Thanks, Juro & Trutta.
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PS I'll be out your way from the 20th to 27th of March, if your around would be great to visit with you. Oh ya can you maybe head south and give those stripers a good kick in the butt so they come a month earlier!
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