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Rod chuck

I've been building a list of "stuff" needed for a few rods, and have been wanting to buy one of those fancy rod-holding chucks that screw down onto a 0.25" motor shaft; trouble is, I can't bring myself to spend $35 for something so "brainless". I had an idea: take a pair of large rubber stoppers with the same OD, but with the ID of one being slightly smaller than 0.25" and the ID of the other small enough to tightly grip the blank. Glue these back to back, slip the end of the blank into hole in the appropriate stopper, slip the motor shaft into the other stopper, and voila, self-gripping rod chuck. This way, I could make a set to hold every diameter of the blanks needed for a few bucks. I should imagine that the gripping power would be plenty for the simple task of drying the blank sections.
Has this idea come up before? Anyone tried this?
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