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RE:Fishing Ireland? A must see post...

Well guys, it turns out I'm meistering another Clave. IT's a family CLave to Ireland. I got 3 maybe as many as 5 siblings and their spouses joining us, among other tag alongs. I was elected to this post due to the fact that I've been there a huge 1 time. So it's not a fishing trip but I plan to escape on a side trip with the wife and spend an evening or 2 at a decent fishing cottage and maybe line up a guide. I will contact Mylo off-line but I don't want to be too much of a bother. I'm going in late September or early October, the tail end of the season.

For now I'm mainly wondering 2 things:

1. If I pack say a travel rod and see a beautiful stream flowing past an ancient ruin (as I've seen before over there) can I fish it for a couple hours? OR are all the streams tightly controlled as in New Brunswick, Canada.? This would greatly augment my trip to be able to whip out the rod as opportunities appear.

2. Fishing Laws? Are they uniform across the Republic? Or vary from water to water-county to county? I had little success finding info on Irish Fishing Regs. on the Web.

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