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RE:Fishing Ireland? A must see post...

As one who lived in Ireland from '96-'98 and had a chance to fish the Galway fishery, the Moy and Lough Corrib among others, I'd add my .02 that you'd be hard pressed to find better fishing for the money than the west of Ireland. Absolutely spectacular scenery, beautiful water and plenty of salmo's - salar & trutta. With the USD$/IR exchange rates where they're at (thanks Euro!), I'd almost consider a spring/summer trip. Springers start running in just a few weeks!!!

Terry - to help plan your trip, I'd recommend searching out a couple of books by Peter O'Reilly (a noted Irish fisherman and writer. He's featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Saltwater Fly Fishing). The titles are along the lines of "Trout & Salmon Fishing in Ireland" and "Flies of Ireland". I think Abenaki Publishers carry them here in the US. I've got copies somewhere, but since we moved everything's out of sorts. I suspect that there may be a new edition(s) out, but even the old would be invaluable as it he discusses all the major regions/fisheries, provides contact information, and other essentials (e.g. flies, weather).
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