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RE:Fishing Ireland? A must see post...


much of the best salmon fishing is in the NorthWest, no doubt about that, but the whole West coast is alive with fish. The sea trout which suffered terribly during the 80s and 90s (salmon sea cages... ) are begining to recover.

The Western Loughs fished very well this year, most trout were over 2lbs and boats were recording record catches. Lough Corrib did best.

That is the merest of reports, there were bluefins caught off Donegal to 530lbs and blue sharks caught on the fly. Theres a lot to do here if you have the time, money not so important, nearly all the fishing is free or very cheap.

Anyone coming to Ireland should make sure to get in touch and I can put them in touch with the guys on the river banks and send out loads of brochures (selling nothing just telling of Irish fishing).

And if I am availible, I would love to meet anyone coming through either over a flybox or a pint... that's a promise

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