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RE:Clarification of All the Recent Activity

One benifit of a wide reaching forum is the ability it gives us to address fish problems that might otherwise not get the attention they deserve. A good exaple of this took place up in Maine a couple years back. There was a problem with water flows in a somewhat unkown river that was causing Salmon Reds to go dry. We posted the story on several different forums along with the Governors e mail and the DIFW directors e mail. The response was incredible it was like a cyber pitch fork march on the statehouse. They were getting letters from folks all the way from California and Washington State about a river that they hardly knew existed. Later the director of DIFW phoned my brother to call the dogs off and asked him what he wanted to do with the river. Thanks to forums like these the river won't run dry again. We shouldn't under estimate the power of world wide connections.
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