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I have never seen a blue pirate sculpin before and a plug doesn't move anything like anything you'll find in the natural enviroment except maybe a migrating salmon/ steelhead smolt. ( swimming downstream butt first)

Once when I was a kid while fishing for sea run cutthroat with a worm and bobber I had a steelhead about 10 lbs cime up to the surface and push my bobber around with it's nose. It did so for about a half an hour then appeared to get bored and it went away. Not once did it try to take the bobber in it's mouth.
We can speculate all we want about why steelhead do this or that and even if we are right we will never know..

I'd say that the light olive hasn't worked because it was never put in front of a willing fish that saw it.
Only steelhead matter!
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