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RE:Clarification of All the Recent Activity

Terry -

I appreciate your translation!

<font size="1">Terry said:

Translation: A local New England board is cool and we benefit form it the most, but; being connected to the rest of the FF world would be in our interest too some how. </font><!--1-->

Meaning no disrespect, your perspective is locally focused. I agree that people from the northeast will benefit from a New England <b>board</b> the most. The striper board demonstrates that - not to mention the intense times we enjoy on the water in this region. Yet there are at least two more of those boards to choose from in the area - although neither are really flyfishing boards they more than fill the bill.

Please tell me if you disagree but in the discussion of "deep vs. wide" I don't think "deep" is worth doing without going "wide" (eg. regionally-deep and world-wide). I also feel that locally deep sites are kinda missing the magic of the web, and in my mind that's half the mission of this venture. You'll be glad to know - the other half is alive and well here in the northeast. What we have here is hard to find no matter where you go... but should it be?

I believe the magic of the forum can bring intensity to any region of the country, the world - someday. Sure it will take time but it's worth it.

I need to point out that this site is soon evolving into something that does not have the deep and wide dilemma of which we speak.

You'll see what I mean as we roll out some of the new site architecture. You'll have a kick-as$ New England site. You will also have the best network of fly-fishing friends in their own kick-as$ communities - I am equally dedicated to this. The new architecture supports this as well.

To me, one is not whole without the other.

But I really appreciate your passion for all this. It won't be easy for other regions to keep up with with the Yankee spirit!
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