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Nest robbing theory

Fred Evans and I discussed something that he suggested I bring up to the board since he's too lazy to type.

His observations was that a particular fly pattern was a killer in dark olive but a non-starter in light olive.

I brought up a theory a gear-chucking friend of mine has-- that one reason steelhead and salmon hit plugs like the Wigglewart series is that the action and color often mimics nest robbers such as sculpins, squawfish and the like. The swimming/diving action of a plug mimics a nest robber diving to the bottom to retrieve eggs, and the salmonid of your choice is trying to kill the little bugger. My thought was that Fred's dark olive fly (a conehead pattern) might be closer in color to the sculpins or whatever egg-stealers there are in the Rogue than the light olive version.

This behavior would explain why crawdad shapes and colors are effective in Warts. It wouldn't explain why fluorescent colors are so effective, though. It might explain why weighted-head flies can be effective as well.

Does anyone have experience that might corroborate this theory? Refute it?

Geez, I need to go fishing...

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