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RE:Let's talk about the raffle...

You are a blizzard of ideas blowing across a flat prairie of off-season fishermen gearing up for the holidays. May I offer a different opinion for the sake of openess.
I am sure I will end up fulfilling some role in support of the club as I always have. But my tendency right now is to be overwhelmed with the options. Some of it is me as I am easily overwhelmed lately with the typical stress of the holiDAZE and srceaming kids. But my feeling here is to proceed cautiously against the backdrop of our past great successes. Can we sum up all the proposals on the table? Can we start a forum for an open discussion of the direction of the board/club? If we are going to be a club, will there be a charter?(no not fishing charter ). There is plenty of willingmness to throw money at our host right now. I would mail a check in a heartbeat just to cut threw the mustard. But I think a lower level discussion needs to occur first. As usual if I'm out of step, I'll gladly take my medicine and go sit down. What are we? How can we transition from a typical guy who just wants to get some good reports for striper fishing and attend a few claves (and contribute a few bucks) to this new mode(s) of member?

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