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Let's talk about the raffle...

Here's what I am thinking... $5 per ticket to enter any raffle; the drawing takes place when there is a reasonable number of tickets or time expires. Each item will generally have a minimum ticket count and a time limit, but some items will have no time limit and some will have no minimum ticket sales (well OK at least one )

Some of these items will require an upfront investment, in which case it will not make sense for us to lose money. That can be managed with a minimum ticket sale count. In any case there should be the opportunity for people to get things at less than street value, always a benefit of these kinds of events. There should also be the willingness to pay a little more than street value to a good cause. It all works out.

So, I guess it could go as follows:

The person who offers the item decides how the raffle should go.


(a) Minimum tickets / drawing date whichever comes first.

(b) no Minimum tickets / drawing date

(c) Minimum tickets / drawing based on ticket sales

For type (a) and (b) tickets are purchased right away. PayPal will be provided for those who prefer it.

For Raffles type (c) no actual funds will be transferred but instead tickets will be distributed on promissary notes. That way of the tickets do not reach the investment cost of the item, the raffle item will be cancelled. We might do a trip to Belize this way some day.

One more question for those who are still with me...

I am considering a $25 membership program where you get 5 raffle tickets for signing up, even steven. Although it is not a smart financial plan, it offers a sense of total value and puts tickets into play for the raffles.


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