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RE:Anything new in God's country?


It has been anything but quiet out here - that's why I haven't had time to surf the net - I've been too busy driving back and forth to Spence's Bridge (plus basketball is now in full swing)! While fishing has not been quite as hot as when you were here it has held up decently. The stories are all starting to run together in my head (a sure sign that I've spent just a little too long standing up to my knackers in cold water). I've had fish every weekend since you left, but the pressure has certainly picked up - alot from south of the border I might add. The weather has also taken a bit of a nasty turn, this past weekend it was 9 and 10 degrees below freezing - it makes it a challenge to get out in the water before its light! Still I hooked 2 fish (landed one) - so it was still worthwhile. This next week is when the Martini Bar comes home - until next spring - hopefully on the Skagit! Talk again soon - still waiting with a worm on my tongue for "Living Large".

Tight lines - tyler.
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