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RE:Board Steward Program

Juro and I just came up with a title that is a little more accurate, "Master of Ceremonies."

This would be someone who plays party host -- you know, makes people feel welcome, gets them a virtual drink, etc. The role is non-technical in nature -- I think the only prerequesite is that you don't mind typing semi-lengthy responses.

There are some real interesting personalities who join in every now and then. We want to make sure they continue doing so.

Keeping in mind that we are a global forum, some duties might include:

-- starting up interesting threads
-- finding facts and information in response to requests
-- facilitating exchange and leveraging membership talents to help individuals in need

These are all things many of you do already. Terry, Powers, Aaron, Nate, Doug B., BRoche, FishHawk, Hawkeye, GregO and countless others have, at various times, done this very well and each in their own way. What we're asking is that someone take on the responsibility of keeping it going for a month at a time. You'll get to express your own view of how we should interact with the virtual fly fishing community and at the same time allow Juro to devote some time to family and work.

So what say you? Has anyone out there taken enough from this site to step up to the challenge of passing it along to others, to being emcee for a month? Perhaps we should limit this at first to a single board? Hawkeye, I can't think of anyone better suited to representing the World Wide Flyfishing discussion. Are you game?
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