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I have to agree with marketic to a degree. I would have to say that the low tide would be much better than a high for blackmouth at almost any beach. You just dont get the kind of water depth with high hide that you do at the low.
I dont know how much you have fished Pt. Monroe but when I was 10 i used to row out there in my boat and hammer the blackmouth. The drop off is very good there but I have caught more fish off the eel grass beds than off of the point itself.

I have my other spots too but since not many people fish the sand-spit, as we call it, i dont mind talking about it. But i cannot stand P-n-P where it has become a zoo. There are plenty of places between thsoe two spots that I have caught fall kings upto 15 pounds, and lost some that I have never seen. They are an exciting fish but a beach angler has a tough time with them and they dont get the same publicity as the cohos.
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