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I think the formula for hooking blackmouth (and kings) in the salt from a Puget Sound beach with any kind of consistency probably comes down to two things: putting your time in on the right tides and picking your spots.

I do alot of salt fishing and I'm always looking for steep drop-offs that are right off the beach. Choice No. 1: Point No Point Lighthouse (a fifty foot cast will put you in 90 feet of water). Choice No. 2: Beach just south of Southworth Ferry Dock (entrance to Colvoss Pass,west side) Choice No.3: Alki Point. Choice No. 4: Point Monroe (opposite Jeff Head)

I'm a big believer in keeping your gear wet during either the high slack or the low slack, an hour before and an hour after the change. The time of the day I think is not critical, although low light is indeed when feeder kings sometimes come shallow or come to the top. But I think what the tide is doing trumps the time of the day. Just my opinion, folks. Every time I think I have blackmouth and kings wired for sound, they turn the tables and humiliate me.
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