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Yes indeed

I'll sure echo the opinions of Juro and Mike- the Pemi is a great stretch of water for some spey practice, with the bonus of possibly hooking up with a fat broodstock salmon. Right in my backyard, too, I want to thank Juro for the motivation to finally get over there, after thinking about it for several years. I really enjoyed the day, meeting Eddie, Mike, and Juro, great guys all. Juro generously and skillfully spent time with each of us, starting with the 'Derek Brown swing' , and giving us tips on getting our D-loops working properly. It was great to get a look at the CND rods, very impressive, the pricing is unbelievable! I look forward to adding one to my arsenal, for sure. All in all, a great day, including getting inspired about Striper fishing, as Eddie, Juro, and Mike proved to be Striper Fanatics, a wealth of expertise. And Juro's tide charts for the Cape in his PDA- beautiful!! Talk about appropriate technology- really...

Hope we can put together another gathering on the Pemi after she settles down a bit, I should be able to get over there periodically, and will post conditions. Nice photos, Mike! Sorry about the lame D-loop!!

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