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Just remember to use a good quality acid dye to dye your materials, and Veniards is not one of them. Veniards dye is fine is hot orange, hot pink, yellow, and kingfisher, in fact Veniards Kingfisher is my favorite blue dye. The other Veniards colors are too inconsistent from one batch to another because they are blends of dyes.

Use Fly Dye, carried by Angler's Workshop and available via internet. Another good place to find quality acid dyes is in craft stores that sell wool craft supplies. And use while venegar as the acid in your dye bath to set the dye. Put enough venegar in the dye bath so that you can smell it. And use about 1/4 teaspoon of dye to 2 quarts of water for the proper solution for all colors but black. For black, use twice that amount of dye (1/2 teaspoon) to get a good, deep black. Also, most black acid dyes are really a very dark blue black and if you want to have jet black, you need to overdye (put it in another dye bath of a different color after it has been dyed the first color) of red for a few minutes.
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