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Kauai Report

Jet lagged but rested

Our week in paradise was punctuated by some very heavy rain showers - I'm begining to get the feeling that "I put the Rain in Tropical Rain forest"

The trade winds blew their seasonal best whilst we were there too - 15 - 30 mph - but they were no match for my 12wt

I did get out a couple of times to fish some inshore reef flats. These are not flats in the traditional sense but large expanses of coral bottom shallows stretching out to sea for as much as a mile in some parts where the surf line is found. When the sun shines this can be good sight fishing country. I did a bit of research before the trip and Kauai has more sandy beaches and reef structure than the other Hawaiian islands being older geologically.

Annini beach on the North shore close to Hanalei where we stayed is a great place to check out. I didn't see any bonefish whilst I was there but having seen them on similar structure at Christmas Island I'm betting they get onto these "flats" at certain times of the tide. I didn't venture out to the surf line on my own either - surf was too high - but that's usually where most of the action can be found.

I did pick up a few small bluefin trevally which are stunningly beautiful plus a few other multi-colored reef species which I couldn't identify. The wierdest yet - a 28inch pipefish - competely crushed my clouser minnow and as I released it I wondered what the IGFA fly rod record might be

Unfortunately the local commercial chap who I had swappped emails with was away trying to make a living somewhere so we didn't hook up. I did get out for a couple of bluewater trips which I will post on the bluewater board later when I get the pics back.

Since this is an annual trip (and not an official fishing trip) - so next year will add to the knowledge gained this year.

There is almost nothing written on fly fishing out there but lots of great stuff about the various beaches including info on things like channels and other structure where the "currents are strong and you should not swim or snorkel". Read that as potential fish holding area with little or no disturbance.
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