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Smart Media Upgrade

I want to upgrade my storage capacity on my Olympus D-460 Digital Camera. I currently have an 8Mb Smart media Card & want to upgrade to around 32Mb. I'm also interested in Smart Media floppy converter that speeds up downloads by avoiding the serial port (No USB on my machine). I should also mention that my PC is not Windows 95/98, but NT.

I have been looking around some of the e-commerce electronic sites & now I'm more confused then when I started. There are thrird party products that are less expensive than the name-brands, but these worry me regarding compatability. As far as the Floppy converter goes, I've only found on brand that explicitely said "NT Compatible".

Has anyone upgraded there Digital Cameras? If so, what are your recommendations? Juro, didn't you have an Olynpus D-360 at one time?

BTW: I wish I had waited & got the NEW Olympus D-490, it looks really nice!
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