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Be very careful or else you will end up like me and become a tying material junkie with thousands of dollars of material lurking about your house and garage. Soon a couple of tails and some ostrich plumes along with several packages of led eyes will not be enough. You will progress to buying pheasant tails by bundles of 100 of a color, led eyes by the pound, and ostrick in 10 plume bundles of a single color. Then you will start to buy hooks by the thousand of a single size and tying thread by the dozen of a single color.

There is no hope for me any longer, as my addiction to tying flies has been of too long a duration and I now go on quests for exotic materials to tie full-dressed feather wing Atlantic Salmon flies. But you can still prevent this sickness from getting any worse. Repeat after me: "I don't need to tie more Intruders, I don't need to tie more Intruders, I don't need to tie more Intruders".
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