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My Arsenal for the beach-

9wt RPLXi with SA windmaster floating or the Airflo intermediate cold saltwater.

Sage 5120 with Airflo Multi-head running line in the 20 lb. Trout with 26 ft Auqualux heads, 200 gr. and 300 gr. if itís windy. If I were to add a head it would be the Airflo floating 28 ft head, but Tim Rajeff says theyíre back ordered as the factory is very busy. So for a floating I use a mid spey middle section and tip off my 7/8 wt line. This is the Cutt system.

Loop 12 ft 8/9 with the Airflo multi-head running line in the 30 lb. with heads in the 300 and 400 gr. Area. I might use the 300 and 400 gr. 24 ft. Big Boys to dredge a little deeper if Iím off point no point. This is my Silver system.

If I ever get my boat up and running, I might try the 500 or 600 gr. heads to fish deeper with intermediate running line. I'd really like to know about fishing for blackmouth off the beach with Leland. Always thought they were deeper and farther out.

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