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Looking good, I have same prob

Nice fly, I have a problem setting my mallard wings down correctly. My big problem is I never had anyone to show me to tie in first place. So everything I've learned, I've learned by experimenting. I'm hoping to make it to the spey round table next week to see if I can gets some hands on. I can do wings, just the mallard never turn out right.

LOL Sean. You know what I did? I sat down one day and checked out how many variations I could tie on the green butt. I started with standard hairwing. Then spey hackle wing. Then spey mallard wing. Skaters, muddlers, I think I ended up with over 20 different variations before I gave up. I was tired. LOL. I'm going to sit down and tie up as many variations as I can so they look display quality (or as close as I can get). I want to put them in a shadowbox. Some people just don't realize the variations out there. I think I have some of the flies still sitting on corks on my fly tying desk. I'll see if I can get some photos of the one's left. I've been pulling some off to use. LOL
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