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Tying a bunch of flies is one thing, and a very understandable obsession. However, when you start arranging them in different displays, it moves you to a whole new level.

Since I have a Masters degree in Families and Family Therapy, with also having spent 12 years working in mental health as a therapist I have a presciption for you to effectively deal with this "problem" you are developing from tying Intruders. Take your favorite winter 2-handed rod and the accouterments that go with it to a favorite winter steelhead river and fish with said flies.

The reason this is such an effective way to deal with the "problem of having too many flies" is simple. As you fish with them, you will surely lose a few to the "rock fish" or "snag fish" lurking about under the streamy flow. This way you will always have a prefectly valid reason to continue tying as many as you wish.
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