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Nice fly.

There is a similar style of extended body fly that has been around for years in Montana (I believe it was first tied by a fellow named Bob Neville for use on the Big Hole) and Idaho for fishing damselflies and giant stoneflies. The folks out west tie the extended body with poly yarn (or at least this was how the first ones were tied back in the late 70's and early 80's), Z-lon yarn, or Antron yarn.

You don't need a drill to twist the yarn, all you need do is first tie in the yarn at the hook bend. After this simply twist the yarn with your fingers or with the help of a hackle plier about 15 to 20 turns on large flies. Then, double the yarn and tie it again again at the tie in spot (or a just a tad in front of the original tie in). As soon as you let go of the doubled yarn, you have the extended body. Effective and fast tie that hold up to many fish. And when treated with floatant, it stays up a long time, especially if you Scotch Guard it the night before its first use.
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