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boat building update

Progress on the "Lucky Skunk" has been next to nothing since the idea took root in late December but it is about to hit overdrive. The delay has been due to finding the right wood for the job. To get the best deal we had to order the vertical grain douglas fir from British Columbia and from the time it took them to get it to us I'm thinking they had to plant the trees first. Well we picked the 1200 pounds of wood up on Monday and the first cuts were made last night. More cuts to be made tonight and with any luck we will have created a roughly boat like skeleton in my fiance's back yard by the end of the weekend. The 220hp mercruiser is waiting for us at a loading dock in RI and the only non-electronic major purchase we have left is the outdrive and gimbal. If anyone out there has built a boat we'd love to hear your experiences.
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