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John - great fly, and I can see where the tail fabrication could have applications to other patterns; will have to give that a try.
Q - I know what you're saying about bass and d'flies! I grew up on a lake in South Jersey, and during the day in Mid-Summer, the bass would nearly always be hovering aroung the lily pad beds, keeping shaded and waiting for dragonflies to pass overhead. Most of the fish I actually saw jumping were probably less than 12" in length, but some of these fish were rocketing out of the water, clearing an easy 24" at the pinnacle of their frenzied leap. It was this, in fact, that got me fly fishing in the first place... well, that and the "SMACK" sound made by bluegills sucking insects off the water's surface. Many great memories of tossing small poppers on a Shakespeare fly fishing combo.
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