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2001 NEC conclave

Juro and everyone:

As some of you know the next installment of the FLYFISH@ listserv Northeast Conclave (8th. year), is coming back to its birthplace, the Adirondacks. The clave takes place the first weekend in June, 2001, at the Wilimington Notch campground in NY, from Friday till Sunday.

The reason I mention this though, is because *THIS* is probably the right time to propose that 9th annual FF@ clave in 2002, be held somewhere in the eastern seashore. These FF@ claves have all been freshwater claves so far, and I'm sure, Juro, that if you offer to host a salty clave for 2002 many of the old timers in FF@ would take you up on it. Especially, the first organizers of the FF@, Chris Knight and Yours Truly 8-)

So, if you're serious about this, don't delay your proposal!

Chris' address is, and you know I'll go for it 8^)


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