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Just last year I noticed how often the largemouths would come clear out of the water to grab dragonflies that were hovering above the surface. One day a friend and I watched as the same bass repeatedly jumped out of a pocket in a small clump of lily pads to grab every dragonfly that tried to land on the pads. I wish I'd had a camera to capture the action! We even started looking for the dragonflies in order to locate the fish. We were very successful using floating Rapalas, which have a profile similar to that of a large dragonfly. The bass would often hit the lures just as they landed, and on several occasions we would see the wake of a bass moving to intercept the falling lure.

I wanted to get in on the action with the fly rod, so I tied a dragonfly using small black and green EZ Body Braid stuffed with foam for the tail/body, with a piece of closed cell foam for the back and head, superhair for the wings and webby brown hackle for legs. Looks great but I was disappointed in the results. I think I only caught one fish on it. Here's the fly I tied:
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