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I missed it. Are you looking for an excuse to get a new rod? If so (personally, I think a guy aught to have one of every configuration imaginable, but my billfold doesn't agree)
If you are serious, what do you possibly think will be better than the 9' 7wt? (longer isn't necessarily better, it's different) I broke 2x (8lb) the other day trying to stop a big steelie from going in a logjam. I was using a Temple Fork 4pc 4wt. A 9ft 7wt really aught to be pretty darned good for a smaller person. When I was his age all we had were 8'6" fiberglass which were a bit heavier, but the slitely shorter length made it more manageable.
Now that I have thoroughly muddied the water...:hehe:
Lots of feathers,
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