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updated albino dragon fly

This is an updated version of a fly I put in here about a year ago.

Hook: TMC 101 #12
thread: 8/0 white
extended body: White Aunt Lydias rug yarn
back: white 1/8" packing foam in ~ 5/16" wide strips.
Hackle: white strung saddle hackle, 3-5 sizes larger than usual.
Oddball tools needed, 1/2" cup hook, Drill

Tying instructions:

Making the extended body. I make 6 to 10 at a time before tying.

1. Cut the yarn off ~ 13" long and tie one end to the upright on your vise. Tie a small loop in the other end of the yarn.

2. Put the cup hook in the chuck of your drill, then put the yarn loop on the cup hook.

3. Holding the yarn taut spin the yarn using the drill. When it forms a tight spiral its time to stop. Keep the yarn taut at all times. It takes ~ 20 seconds or 200 turns with my drill. Your drill will be different, and experimentation is needed.

4. Place a finger on the center of the yarn and fold it so the cuphook is next to the post of your vise.

5. Pull your finger out of the folded over yarn and it will form the spiral. Neaten it up as needed. Before cutting the twisted piece off the post & hook, tie an overhand knot in it to keep the twist.

It sounds complicated, but in the time it took to type this I could make 5 or 6 tails.

Making the fly

Wind a base of thread on the hook. Tie in the tail at the rear of the hook. Cut off the tail near the hook eye then fluff out the material before winding forward to the eye.

Apply superglue to the thread and then tie in the back with the excess facing the rear of the hook.

Tie in the hackle, wind it forward and then tie it off near the eye.

Using a bodkin separate the hackle fibers on the top of the hook then fold the back over. lash it down, cut the foam off 1/8" in front of the eye, then whip finish & super glue the threads.

Remove the fly from the vise and trim the bottom flat.

I like to fish this when there are dragon flys making egg laying flights ove the water. A splashy cast with frequent movement works best.
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