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Dave, I hear you, but I need to balance that with marco's ability to cast and handle the outfit. Our guide had a 6 wt and 7 wt T3 10', and he had a much harder time with the 7 wt. I got a fine balancing act here, with different problems if I go too light or too heavy. My guess is a 10' 7wt to him is like a 10' 12 wt to us big guys. I'd even been wondering about a 5 wt.
Certainly the T3 10' 6wt is a candidate for him - it's just very expensive.
Here are some rods I have bene looking at:
Temple fork 10' 5 wt
Cabelas 'float tuber' 11' 6 wt
Cabelas 'one handed spey rod' 11'3" 6 wt
Orvis TLS 10' 6 wt
If anybody knows of a worthwhile mid-priced rod similar to above, please let us know. Thanks in advance.
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