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RE:Selecting a new Fly Rod

If in your case it is really a compromise between a small stream rod and a nymphing rod, then I think it is no compromise at all. I have casted both rods in the past, though probably the 5 weight jobs. I would tend to side with the Scott ASA which has a more progressive taper, as opposed to a faster action rod like the St Croix Legend Ultra, for the reasons Juro indicated. If the streams you fish are small and perhaps even brushy, then the 8 footer has an advantage over anything longer... control in tight quarters is everything. Also, if casts tend to be really short you may end up overlining the rod anyway. For instance, if you find yourself nymphing much of the time with a 7 or 9 foot leader plus 15' of line out, you may want to overline the thing with a 5 weight line, in order to load it more easily and so that it responds nicely without any jerkiness. The action of the Scott would also help casting dry and nymph jobs like say, a Klinkhammer to which you attach a small nymph to prospect small pockets and runs. This is a fun way to fish small water. Then again, I'm not sure how small a stream you're talking about. Hope this helps.
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