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It is a variation of the Bow River Bugger, a local fly that combines the Wooly bugger body & hackle with a Tail & spun deer head added. This is my "contrarian" fly. Some days when nothing seems to work, most folks will go to a streamer down deep. I often put this one on a dry line and search real close to the bank. Whammo!
Hook: size 6 to 10, 3x long
Thread: 6/0 white
Tail: Marabou plume with 4 strands of flash, pearl color
Body: White chenille, side bar of wide flash on each side, white hackle reverse palmered
Collar: Natural deer hair
Head: Spun deer hair, white (Should be about 2 pencils big)

I prefer cotton chenille for this fly rather than synthetic, this helps the profile of the fly in the river, looks like it wants to sink but a twitchy retrieve makes a lot of action.

P.S try it also in hot pink, Cutthroats go nuts for the pink one....
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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