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Selecting a new Fly Rod

I am planning on purchasing a small stream fly rod, but there are so many out there I would like some help. I would like a rod around 8 feet and 3-4 weight. However, I do alot of nymph fishing in small streams and wonder if the the short length of the rods I'm considering would be a problem. The two rods I am looking at are both pack rods around the same price ($280). They are the Scott SAS 8' #4; 3piece rod with a medium-fast action and the St. Croix Legend Ultra 7'9'' #3; 3piece with a fast action. I can't decide which rod would be best for the money and for both nymph and dry fly fishing in smaller streams. I know that I would probably need a longer rod for nymph fishing, but I really need a short rod for the streams I fish and wonder if these rods could get it done.
Colin Anderson
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