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steelhead tackle for an 11 yr old

I took my son Marco (11) to the Salmon river last week, and he's addicted to steelheading. We're going back for another week at the end of this month.
I'd like to get him a steelhead setup but am not sure what to get: a ~10' 6 wt one hander, or get hm started on a two-hand rod. he was using an Orvis T3 10' 6wt last week and it worked well for him. (His goto rod at home is a 9' 7 wt, and he can cast it quite well.)
I'd appreciate any advice on appropriate steelhead tackle for kids. I notice Cabelas has an 11' 6 wt 'one-handed spey rod'. Anybody have a comment on it?
I'd like to get him started with tackle he will enjoy and would appreciate any help y'all may have. It's OK if he 'grows out of it' in a year or two.
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