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RE:In praise of the


You have just given me some great single malt leads. I've got a vendor funded dinner coming up in a couple of weeks and I will have to "sample" some of the malts you listed. I'm a relative novice on single malts as I've only been sampling for a couple of years and then infrequently. So far my favorites would be the Ledaig 20, Lagavulin and the McCallan 18. I'm not a big fan of the McCallan 12 however. My tastes run to the highland malts and speysides. Some others that I have found pleasurable have been the Oban, Craganmore, Highland Park and Glen Kynchie. I will have to try out the Doublewood Balvenie as it sounds wonderful.

I picked up on the Dewars comment and agree that Chum probably don't warrant a good scotch. With that in mind, I picked up a bottle of Speyburn for next weeks dog fest. Its a very servicable single malt that doesn't break the bank.

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