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The icy waters off the coast of Maine get more action than I would have imagined!

My friends from college (when I was in Maine) used to surf in January. 100% crazy if you ask me. They would get up at 5 AM and drive to the coast in 0 degree weather and surf. They would be back for a 9 AM class too.

And I think that I am crazy at times when I get up to fish...

These hard core surfers now own and operate the Newport Storm Brewing Company out of Newport, RI.

I have yet to yak this year but I am planning on taking whitewater lessons in NH soon and I am planning on attending a rolling clinic (pool training) in early May. The skills will be handy in the salt although I do not plan on trying to roll my Necky (Zoar sport). That rig is all about the wet exit and re-entry at this point.

I plan to be out on the lakes in NH in the Necky in early May. Pleasant Bay to follow soon thereafter.

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