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RE:In praise of the

Can't agree more about the single malts. I jested with "Dewars" on the above post because like the chum it's not Double Wood Balvenie or an aged Macallan or <your favorite here>... but is still scotch. Tried to make an analogy between the two, might have been a stretch. To tell the truth, I don't even drink Dewars! I am fond of the Highland malts and some of the Islay's but am not a Laphroaig man. I am far from being a single malt expert but have sampled quite a few.

Pete L. from Calgary got me hooked on the Double Wood Balvenie, and my brother treated me to a fifth of the sherrywood (or was it portwood)Glenmorangie last year, both good to the last drop. I still like the caramelly Glenlivet but the GlenFidditch is a bit peppery for my tastes. I like Oban, Macallan, Glenmorangie, and have enjoyed a whole bunch more I can't pronounce when I was traveling a lot on business with an expense account

Bunnahabbin is my favorite Islay malt, not too peaty.

That round off the flask on the Skykomish during the last spring native clave was among the best I've tasted (and felt) in all my scotch sipping adventures.

What was that, by the way?
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