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Thread: Florescent orange
Hook: any sinlge or double salmon iron from #3/0 to #8
Tail: Orange bucktail as long as the hook shank, hot orange
Krytal Flash over (opt)
Tail veiling: small G.P. red breast feather (pair) tied over the lower
1/4th of the tail
Body: Hot Orange seal or substitute dubbing
Rib: Oval Gold
Hackle: Hot Orange palmered up body. (the hackle should be
palmered down the body and then held in place with the
Eyes: G.P. tippet with the center cut out, base cemented to keep
sides seperated, with a Pair of G.P. red breast feathers
over, tied on top of the body after the hackle is trimmed
on top.
Body: Hot Orange Seal or substitute
Hackle: Hot Orange tied as before
Rib: Oval Gold
Carapace: 2 red G.P. breast feathers tied on top after the hackle
is trimmed on top.

Note: On large hooks, it may take up to 4 body sections each with its own carapace of 2 G.P. breast feathers on top. Small hooks, #8 and smaller, only need one carapace of red G.P. breast feathers tied at the head of the fly.

My favorite hook to tie the G.P. on is the Alec Jackson heavy spey hook in #3 with the same hook in # 1 1/2 used in high or very cold water. The Partridge Bartleet Double ties a beautiful G.P. I don't use it though because we cannot use double hooks on selective gear rules rivers in Washington, and I don't won't to risk a fine because I forgot to take it out of my fly box.
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