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RE:Maine Atlantic Salmon listed

I think Maine could benefit from a world-class atlantic salmon fishery, I recently read figures for the economic benefit of salmon fishing (sport) in Washington State was in the billions. I'm sure they included every cent including sport boat purchases (a large portion of the salmon fishing is in the ocean out there), but in fact many do buy boats for sport fishing as they do here.

In any case, I hope I live to see the day that this fishery brings more benefit to all than the business factions that will protest could ever bring to the people of Maine.

Add'l note: I am really surprised how long it took for this to pass, and how Mainer's didn't seem too interested in supporting it. I couldn't understand why. Any Mainer's or friends of Mainer's care to comment? Maybe I'll call Eldredge's in York to ask. Could it be that other than the Penobscot, the notion of the once great salmon runs have become so remote to people that they no longer relate to their presence in the region? Happened all over NH and MA. Tell people there was a big salmon run in the Merrimac, they kinda believe it. Tell people about the run in the Concord or the Charles, and they laugh at you. It took a brood stock program in Franklin to remind people of the fact that salmon really did exist in the headwaters of the Merrimac / Pemigewasset Rivers. We should watch the ESPN2 coverage of the White River VT / Connecticut River salmon legacy, another great salmon run destroyed by the industrial era.

Maine's rivers like the Saco, Kennebec, etc - are year-round cold water rivers with copious tributaries and freestone feeder streams. DAMS killed these runs, but the habitat still exists in many cases on either side of the man-made run killer. If we can continue to remove or route passageways for anadramous species, rivers like the Saco (the beautiful Saco which runs all the way up into the White Mountains!) can be premier atlantic salmon rivers once again.

Once again, I hope I live to see the day!
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