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I'm not blaming the "Doctor"....

My argument was not made against YOU, Bug Doc! My argument is against the "snobs" that cast aspersions and derogatory remarks on anything "subsurface" (dry fly "purist"), any fly that uses synthetic materials (but I notice they LOVE nylon or antron), ad nauseum. (By the way, what animal does Antron come from?)


I also notice these guys use modern lines rather than "woven strands from a horse's tail, or silk lines, and they use nylon or FC leaders rather than "gut" (silk).

Also, some of these characters look down on egg patterns - even though they are effective.

I also notice most of these characters going fishless, while everyone around them catches fish, but use the "purist excuse" to explain their poor luck. They even manage to try their best to maintain a smug look, even though they are really seething inside

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