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Stripping boobies has been a main interest of mine since I was about 12. However, it wasn't until much later in life that I actually learned how it was done :hehe:

The way I fish these is on a Hi-D full sinker and a 3' leader. The technique is to let the line sink right to the bottom, the boobie will suspend 3' up. Then make a series of pulls, which causes the boobie to dive to the bottom, then stop. The fly now wiggles upwards off the bottom - deadly! To facilitate the wiggle that the boobs and the marabou make I tie the fly on with the aforementioned Rapala loop knot.

The takes occur during all stages of the retrieve, I've probably got more on the retrieve, but lots of takes are on the float up. I've also had a fair number of fish nail the suspended fly while I left it sitting as I retreived a chironomid on the other rod!

I first used these with black boobies, I thought it more "natural", however, the fish seemed to like the yellow boobies better. Hmmm ... maybe that explains why Pamela Anderson still looks good to me
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