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Thanks for the thoughts. I deliberately picked the 6 because I figured it would be the best all around starter in that series that was available. They don't make the 5 peace Stowaway in a 7. I know that Cabelas 7 peace stowaway is offered in a 9'6" 7wt. but I don't know anything about the 7peace, and 7sections seems like an aweful lot to me. (but then when I started this game ferrules were all made of metal, and the less the better. ) He travels a lot in his work, so a pack rod is definantly the best option to start.
Besides he may never see chrome much less salmon.
He leaves Chicago today for SanDiego, where they will live. If he takes to the game I'll not have to worry about what to get him for Christmas etc. from here on in.
I just finished putting on gold trims for two of the guides. That's a pain. When I make a rod for myself it's pretty Plain Jane. Sure makes it a lot easier.
The reason I asked what sizes of Stowaway you had was to get your oppinions on them. I was trying to decide whether to go with a Cabela's Stowaway or make up a 4pc 7wt from an Anglers Workshop Salt Stalker series. (for me not the kids)
I can have a 6 and an 8wt Stowaway for what it will cost me to make one Salt Stalker. I built a 7'9" 2pc 3wt from A.W. blank a few years ago and it is NICE! (not my workmanship, the action)
decisions, decisions
Lots of feathers,
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