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I agree that we are responsible for our backcast. I'd compare it to what happened to a freind out duck hunting a few years back. there he was at 5:50, 5 mins into legal shooting time , when a freindly fisherman,(of all things, a fly-fisher), comes wading in front of his decoys that he had been there at 4am to set out. when this was mentioned to the fly-fisherman, his response was, that's ok, you can shoot right over my head, I don't mind. do you think if a stray #2 steel pellet hit this guy, he'd say "that's ok"? my freind packed up and left. we are always responsible, even when others are ignorant, stupid, or mean spirited... hmmm, maybe I should start voting libritarian, I think they'd be inclined to say "they got what they deserved". but this is Mass where any bozo can sue you for their stupidity... my $.02 Tom D
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