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"Reeach" or "Riach"

Hello JDJones,

The "Reeach" series of old Spey flies probably dates to the very early 1800's. A.E. Knox lists five "Reeachs" (from memory) in Autumns On The Spey (1872). We do not know exactly how old the "Reeach" series of flies really is: Knox called them "old Spey flies," and that was in 1872!

Kelson seems to have changed the spelling of "Reeach" to the more modern "Riach." Either that, or he just spelled it incorrectly. According to James Leighton Hardy, "riach" is an old Scottish word that means 'drab' or 'dun.' That certainly describes the "Reeach" series of flies in Autumns On The Spey.

The most recent issue of Paul Schmookler's Art of Angling Journal (Issue #4) has a complete rendering of all sixteen old Spey flies listed in Knox's Autumns On The Spey. It is only the second time that I have seen all sixteen Knox flies in print.

Flat wings and tiny heads,

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